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Thread: rimfire moderator

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    rimfire moderator

    which is the best one to get

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    The DM80 does the job for me, and has done so for 7 years, on a .17HMR.
    Is the best? I don't know. It works.
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    If it's for a 22, then for the price you'll not beat the Sak. It all depends on your budget.
    Erik H is dead right about the DM80 on the HMR though.

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    +1 for the SAK. Had mine for 4years with no problems, used with subs it is quieter than my moderated air rifle!

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    hi sorry I forgot to say,its for a 22lr

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    Quote Originally Posted by swifturn View Post
    hi sorry I forgot to say,its for a 22lr
    HV or subs?

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    Get a sak 35quid and perfect for a 22lr,as john t said as quiet as an air rifle,,take it off everytime you come in squirt wd/tt through it,it will last years,

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    many thanks to you all

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