Sad days but i can't lay prone to shoot this. so best if go now before i do more damage to the back, i honestly thought i could as its light recoil but turns out my body says i can't.

It is a month old. 105 rounds. part box of home loaded ELD-match and a few sierra match kings. both running around 2500fps and 5 factory A-max running 2700fps.

Price is what i paid less the Cerakote so someone will get a bargain and jump the queue on ordering.

1400 plus any transfer fees involved. this is a firm price.

No Scope, rings, Bi-pod or moderator. just the rifles and 2 magazines. basically as it comes from the shop.

it will shoot sub MOA all day long, better if the nut on the but is capable

this was Saturday just gone with MKings at 250yards.

with eld-m its a little more open so it suggests that the match kings it would favour.

I'm in Gloucester and collection welcome.

All the best