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Thread: Muntjac Skinning

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    Muntjac Skinning

    Can any one offer me any advice on how to skin a muntjac without taking my fingers off or loosing half the good meat.

    bloody hardy things

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    Yes the best thing to do is give your mate half on the condition he skins it , awkward little buggers

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    are they easier when still warm?

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    V sharp knife and lots of patience.

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    I hang them on a gambrel. Get a ball ended knife and don't worry about trying to get the shin off in one piece? I also use pliers to get a better grip as I pull it down. Hopefully that helps a little bit?

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    Thank you all, all my venison is for home consumption. But still I like it to be done correctly

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    I get a number of them, with a bigger % being bucks, they go in my chillier for 1-2-3 days depending on what I am doing.

    They are tough to do from out of the chillier, they are a lot easier to do if you leave then to relax for 2-3 hrs.

    I use a boning knife with a very thin tip and a skinning knife, they need to be very sharp, I have found the 3 sticking points are the inside of the front legs, 2 inches either side of the tail, and on the outer part of the rear leg.

    If you don't tease these bits with the knife then it will tear, nearly 40 years of heavy manual work have left me with hands like a vice and I have pulled on the fur with out running the knife over and done just that.

    With them being so small then a good chance that some of the front will have taken a hit so if one front leg is
    rough I usually take it off with the fur.

    Just make sure the knifes are super sharp and take your time as it is not a race....

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    I use a curved blade skinning knife with the deer hanging by its rear legs starting on the inner thigh try and almost shave the meat off the skin. You need sharp knives touched up regularly, there are no short cuts that I know and always take your time you can't pull the skin off like a rabbit

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    Slowly and carefully. I just use a sharp knife and take it sloooooooly. I am told larger deer are easier.
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    Watch the pinned video in this section with expert BigScott270 showing the cleanest way to do it on a roe.

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