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Thread: Sticks - do I really need them

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    Sticks - do I really need them

    For the last few outings I have forgotten to take my sticks with me. It started out when the bolt holding them together came apart when a buck appeared, so shot it off the tops of a fence post, then as a genuine forgetting to put in the car moment and then saw a doe, quick lean against a tree and bullet went straight where I wanted it. Next outing saw a fox, drop to the ground, rested my hand on a wee knoll and down it went as well. Last few outings I have had then in the back of the car and there they have stayed. Admittedly I have nt shot anything, but I haven't felt that I am missing anything. I am a bit more aware of keeping an eye for Suitable rests.

    Now this has got me wondering - do I really need the bloody things?

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    I shot for more years than I care to remember without sticks, never bothered me. Now I use quad sticks I feel naked if I forget them. The sticks have made the issue of finding a shooting position not an issue anymore. Wish I had used them years ago. Only time I find them a pain is if I'm dragging a beast, hate walking back and forward.

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    If you can get on with out them, I would say go for it and leave them in the car, but there will be a time when you will be stuffed with no rest and wishing you had your sticks, me, I'm a **** shot with out them, so if I'm out my sticks are aswell. Best of luck tho if you can shoot without them because they can be a bloody pain.

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    They can be handy for impromptu shooting when the deer might have seen you and you cant move to the nearest shooting rest.

    I don't feel at a disadvantage without them generally (mine have been temporarily misplaced during a house move!)

    I would find shorter sticks more handy for ease of carrying and helping with sitting/kneeling shots.

    I've found that the easiest way of carrying and deploying sticks is carrying them along underneath the rifle (no sling). I can hold both in one hand whilst glassing also. I carry a sling in pocket in case I need to shoulder rifle for deer lugging.

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    They also make a steady rest when glassing in the woods or open fields .i also use them as a aide for crossing ditches and generally steading myself on uneven ground .wouldn't be without them

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    I zero off my quad sticks, being a toolmaker then the finer details of bolts coming out is not on the list...
    ( ny-lock nuts)

    My sticks live in the truck amongst a vast array of other items...

    Stalking is very much like going to the night club

    You can always tell an Essex Boy, just you cant tell him much...

    An hour in the field is worth a week of typing trash.....

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    The extra long Harris bipod works for me prone kneeling or sitting. Watched too many deer amble away whilst I tried to get sticks organised.

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    Hammond quad sticks have been a revalation for us, we now take standing shots at distances reserved for prone shots. With them and thermal spotters our productivity has increased 10 fold.

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    Had a fantastic day on Sunday and shot 7 deer of 3 species. How many would I have shot without my sticks though? Possibly 3 providing I had managed to get to a suitable rest without spooking them which I probably could have. Certainly would not be without them as my Monkey Sticks also guarantee super precise and therefore humane shooting with few if any disadvantages!
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    I feel naked with out them too and also live in my truck, I just use homemade quads, once you get use to using them they are great, don't use them so much in the winter on the fallow but they still come with me, on the muntys and roebucks with long grass and crops in summer they are a must for me,

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