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Thread: Any idea what this is please?

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    Any idea what this is please?

    I was given a neck shot muntjac deer last week, and have just skinned it. Between the shoulders on the spine was a sack filled with a fluid, although it was not very watery - I accidentally pierced said sack when pulling the skin and what looks like a thick green puss came out. It didn't smell and came off easily in almost one lump. I have cut the meat off next to it, I assume the rest of the carcass will be safe to eat? There was no other signs of injury like shotgun wounds or anything.Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyone tell me what it is likely to have been?

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    Looks like an abscess. I have seen similar in domestic animals, particularly in sheep and pigs.

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    Yes it is an abcess,was there any problems with any of the lymph nodes that you could see?

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    I didn't see the gralloch, but the rest of the carcass looked fine.

    Safe to eat still?

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    If there are no more , lymph nodes were ok and it looked in good condition before it was shot it will be fine. I appreciate you didn't shoot it, but ask these questions of whoever did, and if all ok enjoy!

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    Whoever passed it on to you should have exercised due diligence, but I would ask anyway.
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    I've been unbale to find the relevant guides, but I'm sure it used to be that one abscess could be trimmed, but multiple sites should be condemned. This is quite large so I would very carefully check for the prescapular lymph nodes and alos any axillary ones (front of shoulder and under front leg). If they are enlarged or discoloured, then there is a chance infection has gone further than that one site.

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    Interestingly, there were what looked like veins in the front legs that I had not seen before, I guess they could be the glands referred to above.

    I passed the picture back to who gave me the carcass, it was passed to the Deer Initiative and on to a vet, who provided the following response for anyone interested:

    This is an abscess, almost certainly caused by a bacterium called Pseudomonas, which produces green rather than yellow pus. Probably the result of a penetrating wound (fighting, blackthorn, barbed wire ***** etc).

    Personally I wouldn't have eaten anything from the carcass.

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    Whether it is safe to eat or not, I would find it hard to enjoy my dinner knowing that green thing used to be attached to my steak sandwich 😛

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    This where in my opinion every carcase should be tagged with a description of what was found on the beast, especially if you are passing to someone else. Personally I would not touch it after finding such a wound with puss.
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