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Thread: Goodwood Members meeting x 2

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    Goodwood Members meeting x 2

    I have for sale 2 tickets for this weekends Goodwood 74th members meeting ( motorsport),The tickets are for Sunday and include two gate passes, 2 grandstand tickets, and a programme voucher, they cost me 242.00, looking for offers.
    Kind regards Tom

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    Do you need to be a GRRC member to utilise these fully?
    whats the dress code for the grandstand?
    does it include parking?
    whats the arrangement for ticket collection?

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    Hi, You only need to be a member to buy the tickets, I rung customer services before I put them up for sale and they told me that if you are a member you can buy as many tickets as you want for guests, you can therefore utilise them fully, there is no dress code as such, they just ask for smart/casual but no period dress is needed, parking is also inclusded. As to collection of tickets I am still going to the event, the reason for selling is my farther ordered an extra two for someone who now at last minute cannot go, please let me know. Kind regards Tom

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    Sprey these are now sold, regards Tom

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