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Thread: Wildcat evolution moderator ?

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    Wildcat evolution moderator ?

    Has anyone tried one of these mods ?
    What's your views ref sound and how good are they when changing baffles for different calibers ?

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    had one for about a year now used it on 308, 6.5 x55 and 223, put about 800rounds through it still looks good, strips and cleans easily, although I do use an ultrasonic cleaner on it especially after a day at the range
    better than the T8 and ATEC that I have had in the past,

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    I have had one since September 2015, fits my .204,223 and 243. Two bridges and two bafffle sets. Absolutely excellent piece of kit. No discernable difference from my wildcat predator 8. Much simmer and 40% weight reduction. Very easy to strip and clean, bits readily available. I think you can wash bits in dish washer, currently wipe mine with oily rag but when it does get v dirty I will put in unltrasonic bath. Also at approx 200 a very good buy. I cannot remember how much individual baffle stack and bridges were but not that expensive.


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    Thanks for that fellas

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    Over the years I have chopped and changed mods, I have now had my Evo mod for over a year and have three calibre baffle inserts, I use it on five different rifles with no probs and don't think there's anything else would beat it.
    Cheers Steve.

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    I have one on my .243 and it seems to work well with fox at night. Not overly loud (on a quiet evening!) and lighter than the T4 it replaced, much nicer looking as well.

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    Swapped my T8 for an evo towards the end of last year and found it superior in every way. Slimmer, lighter, easier to maintain and on my 270 it even sounds better. Not just quieter but a generally less intrusive sound. Bought mine with 243 baffles as well, although I haven't yet got a 243 to try it out. Wildcat were really helpful and easy to deal with, they also re-crowned and tidied up the thread on my rifle (they're quite local to me).
    Great value for money, and I'd probably still say that if it had cost 50% more.
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    I've been using one for nearly three years for my .223, .243 & .308. Same mod just different baffle section.

    The mod is brilliant, light weight quiet and doesn't change POI when you break it down.

    I've tried many others and i'll never use another brand.

    Hope it helps.


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    Had 1 on my Tikka T3 varmint in .308 can't fault it

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    Individual bridges are 60 if I recall correctly and I think the baffle stack was something like 120. I have one but haven't actually shot it yet, but I can say that the build quality is superb.

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