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    Excellent Service

    Sold a Kidney and got my self a Sauer 404 in 6.5x55.

    All was going well until i broke the Scope mount (SUM)
    Info my dealer and 2 weeks later new SUM arrived in post.

    I purchased rifle direct from Germany,and saved a lot of money.

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    Did you import it yourself? Direct to rfd?
    just wondering as I wouldn't know where to start...

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    This is how it works, find a RFD I used Triebel in Berlin, excellent service from Day one.
    I was after a Sauer its German made so better price and service Email the Rfd in Germany and agree price and pay a deposit.

    Get seriel number of Rifle and apply for Licence ( you may have this on your ticket ) its different in Ireland.
    When you have permit for rifle apply for import licence its free we get this from the(Garda) Police in ireland then send permit and import licence to RFD in Germany with remainder of price that you owe to RFD and it will be sent direct to you.

    Rfd in Germany will walk you through it, well worth it (take a look at prices in UK or Ireland and you will see what i mean.


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    Thanks for that, as with all things it's easy when you know how.
    I suppose that this will increasingly become more common due to the ease of sourcing goods over the Internet.

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