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Thread: Lightweight jacket

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    Lightweight jacket

    Now that the roebuck season is nearly here I am looking for a new lightweight jacket. I am sick of sweating like mad and want something cool.

    Just wondering what you guys wear, any recommendations.

    Bought a Deerhunter Avanti jacket a few months ago but haven't worn it yet.

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    I've got a Browning Rochefort Active jacket for those mornings/evenings that are chilly but not full-on cold - find it quite good with decent pockets, quiet and not too hot when yomping back with a carcass and everything else. It wasn't that expensive either IIRC
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Think about those chins foxy.. I`d stick with the jacket that makes you sweat if I were you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Think about those chins foxy.. I`d stick with the jacket that makes you sweat if I were you..
    Alright Vim .....still have your wit I see. Not getting any younger you know.
    I take my hat off to you for the effort you put in with those huge Reds.
    Do you see Shaggy these days?

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    Miltec wind proof smock. Light, cool in the summer but wind proof and shower proof, lots of pockets.

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    i've got a Paramo Feura smock which is pretty impressive - its showerproof rather than waterproof, but fantasically breathable, very quick drying surprisingly weatherproof even on crap days, and cool enough that i wear it next to the skin on very active, but breezy days. rolls up into a ball about the size of a Coke can.

    if you want actual waterproof the current issue lightweight waterproof jacket is pretty good - its, effectively, Gore-Tex Paclite, but for 40 new. no hood, no pockets, but the materials and build are good quality and its about as low-viz as you could want. rolls up into a ball about the size of a lager can.

    even lighter than the Paramo is a pertex windshirt - less showerproof, less robust, but you'll get them for 25 new and they roll up to a ball about the size of an apple.

    going the other way is the old style MOD windproof smock - pretty rugged, quick drying, loads of pockets, snow and showerproof, very breathable and comfortable if worn bext to the skin on hot days. much bulkier if rolled up and stashed in a bag though...

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    I had to distance myself from the "long dog scum" dogmen Foxy. It was in the conditions that our Malcom enforced up on me when he allowed me to re-join our forum a few years back.
    No mixing with undesirables and no using the name *** ..
    So no I haven't seen him for about 4 years. Last time I spoke to him was some time ago.

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    swedish army jeep/work coat cotton 12 on fleebay


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    Got a swedteam Axton. It's the closest thing to truly breathable I've had (have had goretex and event and this is better).

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