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Thread: info and opinions on a sako finnbear please

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    info and opinions on a sako finnbear please

    Just as the title.
    I have been offer a finnbear in .270 which seems to be in good order.
    It is apparently a deluxe model. Has the iron sights removed and now wears an old swaro 6x42.
    Not had one before and can't find a great deal of info let alone price comparisons.
    Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Its hard to be specific about a rifle sight unseen.

    But in general terms that combo frankly represents 'everything a gentleman of taste might require of a sporting rifle' ( I so miss Handgunner Magazine! )

    Its a rock solid design and arguably far better built than most anything churned out of the factory since and quite possibly include the scope in that too! The caveat is not having seen it and the actual condition of the rifle, mounts and scope. But the ingedients sound fine. Take usual precautions to check things over.

    Sadly there'll be a plethora of alternate head scratching because its not stainless/alloy/ fluted and the scope isnt at least 30 x with a 8 foot objective and ballistic ranging nuclear powered turrets. So of course you stand no chance of hitting anything.... sorry, sorry - I REALLY just couldn't resist
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    I currently have 2 finnbear sakos, a 3006, and a 375, recently acquired. My 3006 ive had for 20 years, its what I compare all others too. Excellent fit and finish, and mine will keep an inch or a might less with its favorite handload. And its a swarovski, what could possibly be less than excellent with that choice. The 375, I acquired roughly a month or so ago, and do to work , I havent been able to try it out. In my opinion, they are excellent rifles, and on this side of the pond, they are roughly $750, and up, dependent on condition. I love the older sakos, I have a l57 in 243, and it and the 06 were my primary game rifles for quite some time now

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    I have one on 270 and it doesn't miss a beat. Very well made, as above not trendy/stainless etc but a solid proper piece of kit.
    Finnbears are also sought out for custom rebuilds which is praise enough

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    My first rifle was a 270 finnbear, I just turned 18 and and had saved all my money as a ghillie for a year to buy it second hand with a shcmidt & bender 3-12x50. I got immense pleasure from using it and have some very fond memories stalking with it. I later sold it to get the must have stainless/ synthetic model that where at the time where just getting popular. A sale I now regret

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    Thanks guys.
    Obviously having a proper inspection is the only way to judge condition so not expecting that. Scope speaks for itself in quality and value.
    But can't anyone point me on the direction of others for sale so I can get a comparison? ?


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    For all the quality of design and fit and finish they still do not command a high price 2nd hand for some reason
    even less so in 270 guise

    solid action for a rebarreling project even if at a retail price for an otherwise serviceable rifle
    whatsbit going for? 3-400?

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    Doesn't seem a lot for a classic of such quality. I can't find any for sale to compare it to. I guess that .270 isn't that fashionable and new rifles can be had so inexpensively that these have just lost their appeal???


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    .270 is more prolific than people realise, a reliable killer at respectable ranges, I sought out a Finnbear action for my .300 Winmag, my .270 Finnbear is on reprieve from re-barreling,as it seems to have recovered its old habits, I must have cleaned it out too harshly,
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    got a real nice one in 270 with excellent wood and Williams sights & apel swings offs taboot it had a Burris scope with the deal which went on my 22lr and I put a Schmidt on it originally it had a small Zeiss but someone snaffled that up arhh.
    I gave good money for it but it had only shot a box of ammo in its life and I'd not part with it for less than the cost of a new rifle of that quality which would be ...... ?
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