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Thread: Tikka t3 varmint .243 ammo choice?

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    Tikka t3 varmint .243 ammo choice?

    Hi all have just bought a new tikka t3 varmint in .243,have tried rws 100gr t mantel through it with mixed results, was going to try sako game head in 90 gr,has anybody else tried these and if so with what sort of results? Or does anybody have any other suggestions without going down the reloading avenue,be great to have your feedback

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    I have used (with great success) the Hornady SST in both 95 and 75 grain, both shooting around .6 moa and I've not heard of anyone who hasn't had good accuracy from them. Cue loads of people now saying they're rubbish :-)

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    Load up yourself some 85 game kings I have a friend who swears by them I've used them too with awesome results

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    Don't discount PPU 90 grain soft points, tried them through my .243 and was getting 1" -1 and a 1/2" groups at 100 yards, not as good as my handloads but perfectly adequate for deer stalking. Cheap as chips too compared to the premium brands.

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    I tried PPU in my .243 Tikka T3 Lite. It wouldn't chamber, had to pass it on to someone else. No problem chambering other makes.
    No complaints about PPU in my other rifles. So maybe take your rifle with you and make sure it chambers before you buy (if you go for PPU)

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    Quote Originally Posted by moose243 View Post
    Load up yourself some 85 game kings I have a friend who swears by them I've used them too with awesome results
    This is what I now use as I home load and they are very good. I've had good accuracy results out to 500m on steel.

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    What powder did you go for? Looking at this bullet myself.

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    I went with IMR4350 which was a bit of a compromise as I was looking for a powder for both my 308 and 243 that was listed in the Lyman manual as it was my first foray into reloading. However initial tests gave me .5moa without too much bother and approx 915m/s

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    Sounds good. I was thinking of trying RE15. Want to find one that I can get easy.

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    Yep that's the best place to start. No point having a great load that you then struggle to replicate!

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