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Thread: What's the difference between Leica Trinovid and Trinovid HD?

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    What's the difference between Leica Trinovid and Trinovid HD?


    Uttings currently have Leica Trinovid 8x42 at 599 (rrp 1170) and Trinovid HD at 769 (rrp 825).

    Can an anyone tell me the difference between the two, and which is the better deal (if either are good deals)? The 599 option certainly looks attractive.

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    Neither are the very latest spec, I don't think, which has AquaDura water repellant oating (the Ultravid HD) nor the very, very latest spec which is the Ultravid HD Plus or as they call it HD+.

    So these are old technology if you like. But still Leica! My Trinovid BA 8x42 are on here for 395 and although old are probably not 200 less value than the Trinovid at Uttings, nor 350 less value than the Trinovid HD.

    For the absolute correct spec I'd call Leica Store Mayfair and they'll tell you 100% what the differences are.

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    arguably cock all!

    I looked this when I have a pair of Ultravids which were not the HD spec and at the time 400-500 cheaper!

    I couldn't tell the difference looking through them and the reviews on the HD spec models are of a similar opinion

    There are a lovely pair of vintage trinovids in the classifieds as it happens.......

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    Dont care if they,re old tech love my Brand new old tech Trinovid,s went for the non H,d just because of the reviews on birdwatching forum which said there,s nothing in it so why pay for H,D .Best bino,s ive ever had there are better and much more expensive but im happy with mine atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    I am still delighted by the optical quality of my "old" Geovids 8x42. Did a side by side comparison with a mate's HD version and couldn't tell the difference.

    Remember- optical "technology" hasn't changed much and doesn't tend to have huge leaps forward like eg. computing/micro-electronics. Accordingly, the companies have to try and persuade you to upgrade by sticking "HD" on the product, or similar. There will have been a small, actual change to justify it but not one you'd notice.

    Go for the cheaper option (in this case) and keep them for ever, you won't be disappointed!

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    Let's all remember that HD is a marketeers buzz word (now a bit dated). Only a few years ago is was HD this and HD that, but don't forget this is just marketing. How the hell can you have hi def glass...! Hi Def is for digital equipment (pixels) where it actually means something.
    Quality glass is just that if you stick HD after its name or not!
    I have asked may times for an explanation of 'HD glass' and never been told anything that is not marketing related bull.
    Now in fashion is 'Ultra HD' so it won't be long before you start seeing bino's being marketed ultra HD!!! Sad really!

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    Thanks for the replies. I found a pair of Trinovid 10x42 (non-HD, which the birding forums seem the think are better quality) for about 610 in Cabela's in the US, which seemed too good a deal to pass on. I'm very pleased with them. Oh to have such a shop here in the UK!

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    For optics try Cleyspy in Cley, Norfolk..their "backyard" is four hundred yards long! Good enough to test most binos!

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    I was referring more the the thousands of square feet of hunting, shooting and fishing gear. The place is remarkable.

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    It's absolutely impossible for anyone to test one set of binos against another for the qualities that we as stalkers require unless we can try them in the twilight hours. Failing being able to borrow a couple of sets from a shop, we're all reliant on guesswork, biased opinions and magazine reviews that may also be biased? Hopefully, one day a shop will provide loan deals fro two or more pairs of binos on a try before you buy deal.
    For what it's worth, I use Leica 7x42 bn's which are great binos. Are there better binos out there? Probably? Can I back up my suspicions? Sadly not, as I have only compared them with cheap binos owned by stalking companions at last light when they win hands down with several minutes to spare!
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