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Thread: add on night vision

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    add on night vision

    I'm still looking for a add on to go on my 17hmr ether gen2 tubed or digi what's about for sale pm me with details please thanks bob

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    Are you still looking I know of a cobra blade gen2plus pro to include night master ir?



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    Got a lovely pvs14 here 1800

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    Not Gen 2 but I have a Starlight arrow unit with batteries, charger etc all in. Only 3 months from new, perfect for HMR range. 320 inc delivery or I can include a Dragonfly IR as well which will put your range upto 300 yards. That would be 500 inc delivery all in.

    Let me know if you're interested

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    archer for sale on NV forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbit View Post
    archer for sale on NV forum
    this ones already sold to a friend of mine

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    I've got an archer d grade with Firefly 1250 plus postage

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