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Thread: Sauer 200 'special key'

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    Sauer 200 'special key'


    How do people remove the stock/butt of their Sauer 200s? In the manual it details a 'special key' guessing not just an allen key? If it is a specific key where can I get hold of one?

    Any info would be appreciated,



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    My guess would be that you use the same long allen key (supplied with the new rifle) that you would use for removal of the fore end wood. I've never taken the stock off mine, but there are no other tools supplied with the rifles when new.

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    Is the tool an "Allen key/ wrench"?, or a "TORX", would be surprised if you needed more than one "key" to service one rifle.
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    That's the problem, I picked up the rifle 2nd hand and nothing supplied so wondering what's required should I need to remove the forend/stock? I'm abroad without my rifle at the moment so can't investigate, just trying to be proactive.
    Thanks again.
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    Contact sauer they will send you one i got to allan keys with mine a sall one for the fore end and a long one for the but.But i still struggle to locate the nut at the but end .

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    Tom my 202 uses a long hex extension into which plugs a right angled hex allen key it undoes both the fore end and the butt the other end of the right angled piece has around end which cocks and uncocks the bolt,the straight section is 10 inches in length if thats any help and measures 5mm flat to flat on the hex.
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    Tom. A long time ago I had the first of several 243s - a Sauer 90. A home made key had been made for it by welding a long T-bar onto a straight section of Allen key. I only ever took the fore end off, but I believe the same 'key' would have taken the butt off too. Rgds JCS

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    Thanks for all the info.
    Its been a pleasure to read peoples' comments across the spectrum of subjects on this website while I've been away, although it has lead to a fair amount of jealousy on my part!

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