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Thread: HORNADY New .204 Rifle Cases/Customer service

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    HORNADY New .204 Rifle Cases/Customer service

    Just thought i would share my experience on here so that some others might benefit, don't really know if this is the right place but here i go.
    I recently (2 weeks ago) ordered some Hornady .204 rifle brass to start reloading from Countryman of Derby, i was very disappointed when they arrived to find three with split necks and another with a pin hole on the case that i didn't notice until i had loaded the round.
    That very same day the same RFD contacted me re the arrival of my new GRS Berserk rifle stock i had ordered about 3 weeks prior so i decided to travel and collect it, and complain about the brass at the same time.
    Countryman was very good and since i had loaded the remaining brass offered me a small discount on a ammo box i was purchasing but said that even if they had complained to their supplier or Hornady they never get an adequate response.
    I did a bit of forum trawling and the opinion was much the same even in the USA when trying to complain to Hornady, not to be put off i visited their website and sent them a polite complaint re the quality of this product i had received, a week went by with no response!
    Imagine my surprise today went i came home to find a parcel from EDGAR BROTHERS who i presume are Hornadys importers, with double the amount of rifle brass i had originally purchased inside. I still have had no correspondence but on the delivery note enclosed it says "sent foc as requested by Hornady".
    Got to admit, its kept me a customer of theirs.

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    Its good to hear that there are Good companies out there

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    See my thread re exact same issue, I got some new .204 brass in USA last summer and was very dissapointed with the quality, cannot believe Hornady would allow such poor stuff to leave their factory.

    You will need to check it all, I found off centre flash holes and flash holes drilled/punched not parallell to the case, some flash holes noticably small and some almost too small to seat the tip of a flash hole de burrer in.

    Good luck


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