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    Evening guys, I'm looking into online training.

    Ive come across 2 websites that offer the training, 1 is 20 for 30 days and the other is 10 for a month.

    Im sure both have been used loads by people on here, just wasn't sure on the difference or if someone has used both which would you recommend more?

    Many thanks.

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    10 a month is very good,and there are cd,s out there as well,paul galloway fieldsports two or three covers everything you will need,not sure on the price i think its around eight quid for the lot,i gave mine away when i completed mine,good luck doug,

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    Agree, talk to Paul. He is a good man and will keep you right.

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    I found very helpful for my DSC1 - I've no experience of the others though.


  5. #5 for me too - got 100% which I'd never have done without the method from that site. Can't speak highly enough of it. In fact, to this day I have their free app on my phone, even though I'm actually working in the field full time now!

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    When you enroll to do your DSC you'll get a booklet with all the info you need. All you have to do is read it and learn it. Nothing more required. No need to spend extra money.

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    I think that depends on what method works for the individual. I'm sure I'd have got through it anyway (it seems very few fail) by just reading, but with nowhere near the confidence I had come the test and certainly not with the same score (though I appreciate it's only pass or fail). For me the online method really helped. For the sake of an extra tenner, I was able to relax and enjoy the course as I was completely confident of passing.

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    I don't know about the other one, but tells you the answers. The course manual tells you the questions, but not the answers. You're supposed to self-educate during the process of working them out for yourself.

    Obviously, it's a lot easier to just learn the answers.
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    In my opinion you will only need a 30 day period to memories all the questions... i think most guys will be very confident after doing 3-4 tests a day for a month.

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