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Thread: hi to stalking directory

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    hi to stalking directory

    Hi all , from sunny Ayr , not very good at introductions have been stalking a few years now mostly roe only ever shot one red stag hoping for more and the other species too . I shoot a .243 and a 6.5x55 both tikkas also have three Bavarian mountain hounds love being out with them even if we don't get a shot , just to see them working . thanks all cheers .

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    Not very good at introductions? Nailed it mate, welcome

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    Welcome along. Got myself a BMH pup 5 weeks ago any training tips appreciated.


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    keep dog with you as much as you can they pick things up really quick very smart dogs , on to blood and scent early too , very loyal to owners .

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Great Intro, thank you. It would make life a lot easier if everyone did the same.

    Look forward to your input on the site.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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