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Thread: What about golden pheasants?

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    What about golden pheasants?

    Golden pheasants! I saw some info on the web that indicated there is a naturally producing group of them in East Anglia. Anyone know anything about it. I wonder if they would do well in our area, our climate pretty similar to England's.

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    Yes that's quite correct They can be found in several places but the best known is near Sandringham in Norfolk
    They are skulkers and not easy to see though

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    Goldens are very aggressive, when I moved to one new place there were a couple of cocks on the shoot, they used to chase everything off the feed rides so I whacked them. There used to be quite a few on Thetford forest back in the 80's.
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    yes east Anglia won't say where on the forum but took a Hungarian. client out for a mate and we had several on a ride in front on us and a camera man ,the client was mad keen to bag said pheasant with my rifle .........308 win for an awful lot of he was politely told no but he did shoot a. couple of silver medal munties with me and was a dam good tipper

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    Not seen any golden pheasants but know of several reeves pheasants know they are evil!

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    Golden Pheasants are now an extremely rare wild bird in the UK, the self sustaining population is vastly reduced and looks to heading only one way. Like wise the wild Lady Amherst pheasants are rumoured to be down to one or two very old cock birds (desperately waiting for non existent hens), shame as they once numbered into the hundreds and occupied quite a large range. It is illegal to release or shoot any Goldens, Lady Amherst's, Reeves or other exotic pheasant species.

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    Is it the fox that doing them in?

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    Will probably be a combination of badger, corvids, BoPs and foxes possibly even stoats/weasels/mink too. Fox may well be the least of there troubles

    Just far too much vermin about nowadays and some of it protected so nothing u can do, badgers will be wioping out whle areas of ground nesting birds

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