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Thread: Larger Antler Mirror

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    Large Antler Mirror

    Created this just recent, thinking of adding these to my growing range of Antler products. I picked up the idea from a Lakeland hotel of which I noted something similar hanging in the Bar lounge area of the hotel. That one wasn't utilising Real antler, it was the faux resin type. I liked the concept, but with real Stag Antler, not a great fan of resin type, although with the latter its a little more "Shaped" to wrap more around the mirror. Also in the hotel, a flat surface mirror was utilised, mine is more ornate of which presented a fair challenge in getting the Antler fixed securely. Just not sure about it, a fair amount of work really to get it something like. All and any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Click image for larger version. 

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    Honestly not sure about it my self I can see what your trying to achieve think it's a little chincy myself
    Hope this isn't to honest Jake

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    Does nothing for the mirror nor does it set the Antlers off to their best.
    A bit weird in my opinion but then maybe would suit others perhaps.

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    Think it's a bit " half way there"
    Seen what your talking bout before and was an antler frame mirror rather than a frame with antlers on it , think it would look better with antler on all four sides

    Just my opinion


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    Thanks guys, agreed Sauer the Resin one i spoke about was possibly more akin to Antler on the 4 corners. I may do another " Prototype" so to speak, however likely needs a certain shape and size of Antler, relatively easy to achieve with Resin type, not so simple with real Antler. In reality would probably make the project a little too bespoke, this in trying to match the right size of mirror with the right size and shape of Antler. Useful feedback that is appreciated. Cheers

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    I've seen a lot of antler furniture over the years; it's a niche market, to say the least.

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    Hi agreed very niche Mckenzie, likewise see many similar examples to your image above, first hand most notably around Jackson Hole that's famed for these "Antler Arts/Crafts" stateside, indeed some of my inspiration attained there. However over there and considerably more so over here these fine pieces of craft are very much priced as bespoke luxury goods, in some cases at quite extraordinary prices. My hope or goal was perhaps not to emulate them entirely, not even sure in some cases I could achieve such a high standard, but never the less to create a range of good quality relatively bespoke product, one might say more affordable or economical then "Luxury bespoke"

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    Honestly not sure about it my self I can see what your trying to achieve think it's a little chincy myself
    Hope this isn't to honest Jake
    Nope not at all thanks

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    I like the fact that you are 'having a go"
    I have a place for a mirror like that!
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngryphon View Post
    I like the fact that you are 'having a go"
    I have a place for a mirror like that!
    Thanks John, much appreciated! I think my 2nd "Shot" at one will be better still.

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