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Thread: toyota rav4 shooting bus.

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    toyota rav4 shooting bus.

    hiya guys,

    ive got a new car coming at the weekend , so my old shooting bus is up for sale.

    its a 94/95 toyota rav4 , its done 126,000 miles , its 2.0l petrol , its got mot until 29th october.

    its been my shooting bus for around three years now and hasnt let me down.

    ive taken a few pics of the outside today but i was too embarrassed to take pictures of the inside as its so messy lol , im guessing that it might look better if it was washed , but i cant really be sure as ive never washed it.

    its been serviced regularly since ive had it(last time was in january), any any repairs have been taken care of .

    its nothing special but its in daily use and very reliable and 4 x 4 and difflock works perfectly.

    if you have any questions , please feel free to ask.

    cheers ,


    500 ovno

    edited to add , id also take other items in part exchange/part payment , shotgun/airgun etc.

    Click image for larger version. 

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