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    Hi i'm ten years old I live in the Scottish borders and am a keen shooter. My dad was a stalker but has retired from the sport and now takes stalkers out on an estate. I am crazy for rifles both hunting and military but I also have time for shotguns. I also collect cases and have a small yet interesting collection.
    In the past I have shot 410g 20g and 12g shotguns and .22 .223 (In sa80 military rifle and hunting rifle form).243 .243wssm .308 9mm (pistol round in m14 rifle)and 7.62x35 (in ak47 assault rifle). My dad knows a great deal about stalking but as he says he does not know it all so I am keen to learn all he knows and more from other people.
    I already know some people on the site but look forward to meeting and learning from others.


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    Hi Jack, welcome to the site, you've come to the right place!

    Looks like you've done quite a bit of shooting already considering you are so young!

    all the best,


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    Welcome along Jack.


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