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Thread: Worthy of a single digit salute...

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    Worthy of a single digit salute...

    Lewis Hamilton fastest as Nico Rosberg crashes at Australian GP


    Hamilton completed only one lap, and was fastest


    Ha Ha

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    Mercedes is the best car by far. As a result its virtually a two horse race to be world champion - Hamilton or Rosberg take your pick. Put Vettel and Alonso in the same car it might be more of a competition.

    I like watching F1 but it's becoming a bit of a procession and too predictable.

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    It's been a procession for years. Gave up watching a long time ago.

    MotoGP on the other hand...
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Hi Nigel,

    Got to admit MotoGP is difficult to beat for excitement.

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    MotoGP every time!

    I realised how dull F1 was when I found myself watching it at 12x, then 30x and only going to normal speed when something happened, which it rarely did.

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    Treat yourselves to a bit of Karting, either in one or watching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Willie View Post
    Hi Nigel,

    Got to admit MotoGP is difficult to beat for excitement.
    and the TT and road racing even better !

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    To be fair, Moto Gp has been a bit of a procession for about 4 years also with either the 2 factory Hondas or the 2 factory Yamahas winning every race. But unlike F1 there is plenty overtaking and the occasional kick on the front brake lever.
    This year though it looks like the Ducatis are back and the factory Suzukis are right there.
    Roll on the racing this weekend. Can see Iannoni on the Ducati giving Lorenzo and Rossi a run for their money in Qatar.

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    I`m trying to think of something worse than watching Formula 1 ............................................ but I can`t.
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    I've just finished painting my garage floor. You can watch that, if you want something more exciting.

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