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Thread: 9.3x62 once fired brass

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    9.3x62 once fired brass

    I'd be interested in buying some 9.3x62 once fired brass if anyone has such ?

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    Wow, i thought i was the only one that had one of those on this little island. Unfortunately can't help you with the brass, as i could do with some more myself. Just out of interest, what are you using your 9.3 for and what bullets and weights are you putting through it?
    ATB, James

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    Re brass

    I will keep my eyes out at our local range and ask around locally. You only need to pay me what it costs me plus the post to UK.
    Happy to help if you want me to.

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    Why not have a look on it's always worth having a look there for european calibres. Most people on that site will readilly post to the U.K. and the prices are usually very reasonable.

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    Thanks for the advice and offers (happy to pay my way).
    There are at least a few of us with 9.3x62's - it would be interesting to know how many others in the UK ?
    I originally got mine for boar with friends in Germany - I started with a fantastic Sauer 202, but for financal reasons have now down spec'd to a Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mountain, which being short barrelled and much lighter, I now use it for all my shooting; foxes, reds & roe, out to 150yds it kills everything, albeit it kicks like f***. But the cost of a round, you simply cannot afford to miss !
    Be interesting to hear from others with a 9.3x62

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    hello qwerty2008,

    i have the following if interested;

    19 norma
    22 mixed rws etc
    rcbs dies

    let me know.


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