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Thread: Jousting Roe Bucks

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    Jousting Roe Bucks

    Over the last couple of weeks i have been knocking on a few Farmers doors and i have been lucky enough to pick up 3 new Permissions all with a good Head of Roe Deer on them. This Wednesday i was fortunate to pick up one more permission and as i was talking to the Farmer he told me he had seen to many Deer on his crops and he wanted them thinned out Music to my ears lol,after he had told me the lay out of his Farm i drove about 3/4 mile down the road and glanced over the hedge into the Field he said the Deer were frequently seen and there was 7 Roe out in the afternoon just grazing on the Grass there was 2 groups of 3 and a single Buck further up the Field as i slowed to look at them they took off towards the large wood and out of sight.This morning i was up before it got light and set off to have another look in the Field it was a hard Frost and the visibility was poor with a faint mist in the air, as i drove down the road i came to the Field from the other direction i could see Deer out in the Field so i stopped my Truck and out with the Video camera and to my delight i managed to see 2 Bucks Jousting with each other for quite a while before they spotted a Doe and disappeared back into the wood once again, on the way home i saw 11 more Roe Roll on the Rut.

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    Nice video mate and well done for you you put the leg work in and you got the permission well done again bazil

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    Great video. Thank you for posting.

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    Super video which one of the bucks do you think is dominant? I would say the one on the higher side but they look v evenly matched, I suspect one might have to go. Well done on getting your permissions you are going to be busy.


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