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Thread: 16 channel CCTV system with 10 cameras FREE TO GOOD HOME

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    16 channel CCTV system with 10 cameras FREE TO GOOD HOME

    Some while ago, a friend in the US donated me a used Night Owl CCTV system. Because we're already set up I've never used it so I'm going to offer it to someone who might make good use of it.

    Last time I looked in the box there were 10 cameras but there may be 11 or 12 - to be honest I don't know. Some have been used others are brand-new. The DVR is a little on the noisy side and should always be well ventilated. Also, being American, the system is NTSC. You won't need a stepdown transformer for the DVR because there's already one in the box with a UK plug. you may need a stepdown transformer to plug-in the cameras though, or again you may be able to get one of those leads that branches off to multiple cameras and just use a UK stepdown to plug into. That, you will need to find out.

    I can't with a good conscience sell on something somebody once gave me, so I'm therefore only asking the following:

    1. That whoever wants it covers postage and packing. It's going to be one or two large boxes and that will be about 20 to sort out.

    2. That you also make a donation to Help for Heroes or other worthy cause. You don't have to tell me how much - that's between you and the Almighty

    3. If the system lets you down, fails to record a break-in, ruins your computer, burns your house down or runs off with your wife, it's not my fault.

    Same as usual, first PM or email gets it.

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    free ? wow yes please pm incoming

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