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Thread: 223 barrel life

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    223 barrel life

    how many rounds would it take to burn out a barrel on a 223

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    That surely depends on rate of fire and how hot the round is. Sorry but I think you need to share more info on your setup

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    going to have a look at a s/h tikka varmint on weekend,just want to know what to look out for really

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    Depends on how hot it's been loaded and whether its spent all its time stringing shots out on the range or used for hunting. 223 should last ages if treated right and loads kept modest. 7500 to 10K rounds maybe if not regularly shot till it gets hot and using sensible loads? Not really known as a barrel burner. Worth bore scoping any used rifle if you're concerned though. It'll tell you far more than a cursory look down the barrel (which usually tells you nothing about throat erosion or pitting damage).

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    in the 1990s tikka used to say in their catalogue ,223 was good for 10,000 rounds

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    Thousands and thousands.
    I've got a rifle that we rebarrelled in 1994 and I've gone through a lot of cases over the years (probably 3-4000 rounds) and it still shoots 1/2" groups at 100yds. Thats after a 1" crop of the muzzle and a 1/2" off the breech end to rid it of any wear.

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    My 223 was built in 1989. Still on the original barrel with the original 6*42 scope on (made in West Germany), and it groups perfectly.
    My best ever is 5 rounds covered by a 10p piece at 100 metres.
    Which I've managed precisely once.
    In the case of my rifle, the biggest limiting factor is the Mk.1 human on the blunt end.

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    Not sure, but considering it's a standard nato round, I put thousands of rounds through an SA80 and it had no detrimental effect, that's including full auto......

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