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    Which cal

    Hi all
    I have made my .22lr a dedicated nv rifle now and would like another rifle for rabbit daytime and if i go lamping.
    What would you guys get another .22 or something else like a .17hmr
    Regards Dan

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    Why don't you get the new .17wsm rimfire, or a .17hornet.

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    What are bullet costs and range of these?

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    Get a second .22rf, you will know the trajectory already.

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    I would research the .17 WSM a little as I don't think they're coming to the UK. If they do ammo will be expensive.

    17 hornet outclasses HMR and the WSM. However, you'll be looking at around 20 per 25 rounds as opposed to HMR @ 10-15 for 50. The advantage of the Hornet, aside from its total ballistic superiority, is that it can be reloaded and then it becomes very cheap!

    HMR gives good performance at a relatively low price point but centrefire is a whole new world mate.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    As an owner of both a .22lr and 17HMR I'd recommend both as they're such different calibres and offer so much between them. Personally I use the 22 in the day time where I can accurately judge distance and drop and then use the HMR with a Photon where its just point and shoot at any rabbit I can see clearly enough. I've shot rabbits with the HMR at less than 40m in the pitch black and the rabbits sat next to them haven't even moved allowing me to shoot a couple more as they seem disorientated as to where the shot came from.

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    .17 HMR at night, never had a ricochet unlike the .22, especially sub sonics

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