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    Rifle slip

    I am on the look out for a new rifle slip i would like one that is very thin and light so i can fold it in my roe bag any idea were i could get one from it needs to fit a scope and rifle .

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    Brady, end flap jobby - called the target no.4 or something. Cracking stuff.

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    I've got a Napier Roller plus off Ebay, cost about 15 - very useful if you need to cover up to cross a road or something... It rolls up and you can clip it to something like your belt.

    It's supposed to fit a 48" rifle, my Howa with 22" barrel with 6" of mod is slightly too long but I've got a bit of paracord to extend the closure.

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    Note: there's the Roller and Roller PLUS - the plus is the one you need for a scoped rifle, the other one is for a shotgun.

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    Napier slip is great.Light as snuff plus rolls up tight and can be clipped to your belt/bag etc or even stuffed into a large pocket.

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    I have one which would be perfect for your purpose.
    It has `Superflauge`marked on it and takes a rifle with a 56mm scope with no problems.
    It is fur lined and can be folded as a cushion to protect your posterior when sitting up high-seats.
    Try they may have one in their vast range of products or flash up `superflauge gun slip`on Google search.


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    The napier looks to be just the job thanks very much lads one now orderd off ebay.

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