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Thread: 2506 vs sako 2506 ?????

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    2506 vs sako 2506 ?????

    HI Guys

    i have just received my variation to give me a 2506 im thinking of purchasing a Sako Finnlight and was wondering if anyone using this gun and caliber and if they could reccommend any rounds that have been proved as suitable and accurate ( yes before you all say it Sako being the obvious one but imm looking for someone who is actually using the riflew and round ) or does anyone think there is a better rifle out there compared to Sako Finnlight ?? my dealer has asked me to look at New TIKKA that is coming out or the synthetic Mannlicher

    any advice would be great guys

    and then my mate tells me the 2506 may kick a wee bit if the rifle is pretty light such as the Finnlight ???

    thanks for any help guys

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    Cannot say about those rifles but I cannot see why a 25-06 would kick more than a say .308. The 25-06 after all uses lighter bullets even if the cartridge is longer. The felt recoil may be different like a 270 with a 130 grain bullet as both are long cartridges and bullet weight is fairly similar at 117 grain verses 130 grain and velocites are about the same.

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    Don't get a .25-06 with a 20" barrel. I've had three customers buy new Sako 85's with 20" barrels and within a couple of months have come to me for a 24" barrel as they could not get the required velocity from the shorter one.

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    I have a Tikka 25-06 and use federal premium 117g factory ammo and it easily shoots Quarter inch groups and does sub half inch groups with federal fusion.

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    I have a custom built .25-06 on a BAT action
    It no more recoil than a .243
    Don't get short barrel stick 22" or longer , I was told need 24" to get best out of it

    Love the calibre had a .25 for 10 years now


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    I know of a Tikka that might be for sale in the not to distant future, My mates not sure what model number it is but its the one before t3. he looks after his rifles and always likes them to be tack drivers.

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    I use a SAKO 85 Finnlight in 25-06.
    with a 100gr nosler BT your MPI and POI will be the same from 50 - 150m, you can't complain about that!

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    A friend has a Sako Finnlite in 6.5x55. The Sako weighs almost the same as my K95 .25-06 and is a lovely rifle. I'd steer clear of a 20" barrel though.
    My K95 has a 22" barrel & the recoil is easily manageable, certainly nowhere near a .270 recoil.

    As has been said, the .25-06 relies on MV and many say should have longer barrels, but mine with a 22" barrel has never failed in terms of MV running with the 110gn AB bullet at around 3120fps. More than enough to cope with shooting even the biggest reds. 100gn bullets will run at around 3300fps and work well on hinds and stags.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    I have a tikka 25-06 and had it for about 13 years and can't fault it, great calibre. It's the only rifle I have never sold or swapped for another calibre over the years usually after a while I sell and try something different but my 25-06 has always remained, must say something about it.


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    Very happy with my older Tikka M690RH in 25-06, shoots Federal Bluebox 117 grainers into 0.5inch, 22.44"/570mm barrel. Recoil is less than a 308 by some way IMHO.
    Current battery, Air Arms TX200 MK3 .177, Hawke Vantage SF 3-12x40, Anschutz 1427B .22LR Sporterised Biathlon rifle, A-TEC wave mod Nikon 4.5-14x40, Tikka M595 .222Rem Leupold 6.5-20x40 LR. Howa 1500 APC .308win Varmint Nikko FFP 6-24x50 Wildcat Evo. Sauer 202 Classic XT .243Win Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50 Wildcat Evo.

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