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Thread: One firearm on multiple certificates

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    One firearm on multiple certificates


    I am curious as to how you can share one firearm across two FAC holders with the requisite slots. Is it even possible? Who would keep it if it is entered on both certificates?


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    When my father was alive we shared several firearms on our certificates and they were kept at the house of whichever of us was using it at the time. They were entered on both certificates with a note added saying also held on certificate no ******

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    There is nothing unusual about this.

    I have a number of firearms on my ticket that I don't own - they belong to the chap who owns the stalking lease and they are the rifles that we use with clients. It means that I can use these with clients without him being there, and also take them home if necessary - for example if we are doing an evening stalk and then a morning stalk.

    There is a note on my ticket that says they are normally stored elsewhere and appear on two other FAC's (the owner and one of the other guides). I also have an ammo allowance for them.
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    Possible and practical. And quite common. But both must have, each, on the FAC and neither must be able to access any other weapons that the other holds if they are not authorised so to do.

    In a 'one gun' household this wouldn't be an issue. One weapon, one cabinet, two sets of keys if needed. Both having use of it and access to it. Both having authority to possess on their individual FACs.

    Say a farmer and his wife with just, only, one .22RF rifle.

    In a multiple weapon household where only one firearm is joint then you have to ensure that the firearms unique to one FAC holder can't be accessed by the other. So a separate cabinet becomes necessary.

    Or at least one set of keys that only the 'main' weapon owner has and so the 'minor' weapon owner (of the item held in common) has to have the cabinet opened for them by the and in the other's presence.
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    Thanks for the replies. All makes sense really.

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    My wifes sgc and firearms ticket is exactly the same as mine, I need to add any ammo bought on to her cert, seems daft but he ho thats the way its done

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