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Thread: Stutzen owners advice on caliber choice please

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    Stutzen owners advice on caliber choice please

    Hi all
    at some point in the future I would like to get a Stutzen rifle for general deer stalking
    it will be used on muntjac, roe , fallow and Scottish reds
    I want to keep recoil in this light weight type of rifle to a minimum if I can
    so I can keep my sight picture and see reaction to shot (recoil and keeping sight picture are my main concerns with choice of round/caliber)
    I have shot 243, 6.5x55 , 308, 270 in normal modern stalking rifles
    but wonder what would be best to fit my criteria in a stutzen and still do the job well on reds
    i fancy either 6.5x55 or 7x57
    what are your thoughts/ experiences
    thanks all

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    I have an old full stock Sako in 308 - fine for stalking but punishing on the range for a series of shots

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    I have a Sauer 202 Stutzen in .243 its loud but not punishing i use it for Muntjack only

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    There is a lovely 308 break barrel stutzen for sale in ACP Shooting in Coolham, West Sussex. I was in there the other day and it handles beautifully and comes with a nice Simmons 1-4 scope all for £450. I'm sure with some of the lighter bullets the recoil would be fine.

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    I have a Steyr-Mannlicher Classic with a full stock in 7mm-08. In the end, a stutzen is just a short rifle (mine has a 20" barrel) so ideally you need a round that works well in those conditions. Anything else is fine, it just means a lot of muzzle flash and noise, which is all just wasted energy.
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    Pine marten
    how do you find the recoil and sight picture with a 7-08 ???

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    I have CZ550 stutzens in 9.3x62 and 7x64 which both work well on everything. My other c/f stutzen is a Krico in 5.6x57 which does the biz on CWD and munties as well as roe in Scotland and Europe. My CZ 452 .22LR stutzen is a great rabbiter and offers cheap and effective practice.

    I do like the look of the new SAKO 85 Bavarian stutzen which would be a great bit of kit in a calibre 270 upwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5rem700 View Post
    Pine marten
    how do you find the recoil and sight picture with a 7-08 ???
    It's fine. In the field, I don't notice recoil at all, and at the range is only after maybe 25 rounds that I start to have a headache, but that happens with everything. Really, that's all down to the stock design and the Bavarian stock seems to suit me. I have AZ CZ 452 also for practice and the occasional rabbit.
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    I have a Stutzen Rugers in 243 and 30-06
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    I've had quite a few stutzens..all Mannlichers, various calibres from the early Mannlicher Schoenauers through to Steyr mod. L & M. They were all good, but the 6.5x54 MSch & the .243 were the best. The old mod. 1903 in 6.5x54 has one of the slickest actions you'd ever find anywhere and comfortable to shoot, but it has difficulty reaching the legal MV in Scotland for deer with the usual RWS 160gn bullet/cartridge...although you can get it legal with a 140 gn bullet if you home load.

    Should you ever find one, a 7x57 would be absolutely ideal. However, a good compromise could be 7mm08 or even 6.5x55.
    A .308 is pretty punishing after a few shots, as also .270 & 30-06.
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