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Thread: Interchangeable barrels

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    Interchangeable barrels

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I am waiting on a saurer 202 in 6.5x 55 being granted, I was wondering about sometime in the future adding a .308 barrel, do I need another bolt as well or will the original work with .308 rounds?

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    You'll be able to use your original bolt, but you'll need a 308/243 magazine. Rather annoyingly the 243 requires a different bolt even though the case has the same head size as the 308, 30-06, 6.5x55 etc.
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    Thanks , what's the reason behind the bolt change for .243

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    I was looking for a modular rifle last year and found alsorts of anomolies with bolt faces and magazines so settled in the end, not by choice at the time I might add, for a Steyr Luxus.
    The same bolt and magazine can be used for 22-250, .243 and all the other cartridges with the same head size.
    I have a .243, .308 and a 30-06 barrels for mine and have nothing to change except the barrel when I want to use either calibre, and each barrel came with it's own integral picantinni rail so no saddle mounts needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    Thanks , what's the reason behind the bolt change for .243
    The reason is that Sauer make the .243 with a three lug lock on the bolt and a six lug bolt on the larger calibre's. I'm not going to knock Sauer's, (I own two) but it is almost as expensive to buy the bit's as it is to buy a second rifle. Thats how I have ended up owning two! At the time I purchased mine, they were one of the few manufacturers making left hookers. That has all changed now, everyone seems to be making them.

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