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Thread: Which case prep centre if any?

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    Which case prep centre if any?

    Afternoon All,

    Just before the rugby kicks off I've been looking buying a case prep centre.

    I tend to load in batches of 50-100 and by the end of undertaking all the case prep with hand held tools it gets quite tiresome.

    Has anyone had any positive experiences with these prep centres?

    It looks like it will speed the job up a lot.

    If so which one. I have options of Lyman, RCBS and Hornady.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    I have the lyman one, love it, can't offer a comparison, as not tried others, but it was money well spent in my humble opinion.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    What he said
    I have lyman , love it, can't comment on others


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    I bought the Frankford Arsenal unit just to do 308. Gear driven, very pleased.~Muir

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    I Use the lyman one good results wish it had flash hole tool and a tool to hold the cases as cramp in hand

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    Lyman all the way pal prep centre scales tumbler press dies the lot quality gear

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    I had the RCBS but I sold it.

    It was good for batches over fifty.
    It was a bit harsh on the cases and I ended up with quite a few that were somewhat shorter than they should be, due to my being a little heavy handed at times.

    I have thought about replacing it but I would need some kind of length gauge on the neck chamfering cutter to stop me getting carried away

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    I use the RCBS Case Prep Centre and use it for most of my case prep. You just need to be a little gentle on the neck chamfering tool. However the RCBS primer pocket uniformer tool is excellent on the machine.

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    Thank you for responses

    Roll on payday.

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    Bought the hornady case prep center from Brownalls.
    Good quality piece of kit, I bought it because I just got fed up cleaning the primer pockets by hand.
    Still trim to length with a different tool set up.
    Fitted a bronze brush to one of the three output shafts as well as the primer pocket cleaning tools.

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