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Thread: Which scope ????

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    Which scope ????

    AS the title says which of the below would you choose ??

    a Steiner Ranger 4-16x56 @800
    a Nightforce SHV 4-14x56 @900
    a Sightron S111 6-24x50 @700

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    What do u want it for ?
    Deer , targets , vermin or long range vermin ?

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    A little bit of everything but mainly deer and some targets

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    Oh ok

    personally I'd go for none of the ones you've listed as I only like Swaro , S&B and some Leupolds

    my choice would be the Schmidt and bender 2.5-10x56 that's advertised on here for 600 in the classifieds

    An absolute fantastic scope for the money

    admittedly for for targets the mags a touch low but it depends how serious you want to be on targets

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    Looking for a bit more mag than x10or x12

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    +1 for the S&B in the classifieds,great value and will outlast any you have mentioned.

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    what about a meopta r2 2.5x15x56 825 posted

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    I wouldn't buy the sightron for hunting. My mate had that model but sold it because the field of view is quite narrow and the turrets move a bit to easily for a hunting scope.
    I have the 8-32 sightron on my target rifle and I do like it but I wouldn't use it for hunting.
    I also have an older zeiss 6-2456 scope which is a great all round scope.
    I can't comment on the steiner or nightforce but you should consider field of view, low light performance, turrets and reticle choice etc before buying.

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    I use a Leup V3 4.5-14 x 50 for hunting and target. Its ok out to about 3-400 yds, is lowish profile, tracks well and is a great hunting scope. I have the LR ret which if zeroed at 200yds allows hold over using the marks on the ret (set for smaller and faster or larger/slower loads on two settings). Can't think of a better all rounder for the money. Regularly come up at between 450 and 500 used, with lifetime Leup warranty.

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