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Thread: moderator dilema !

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    moderator dilema !

    I thought I had settled myself to buy the wildcat evolution, but the DPT has just entered the race !
    The dpt being maybe 30 more expensive but its lighter and shorter.
    Both are interchangable between calibres - the evolution baffles for each calibre are 60, not sure on the dpt cost yet
    The evolution gets good reviews, as does the dpt
    I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure !
    Whats the views on here ? It will be used from 17 hornet up to 308 for stalking, vermin control and a bit of general plinking

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    Both mods are supposed to be very good but I think I would go for the dpt because of the fact that it's shorter and lighter.

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    If your after a light easy to clean moderator I'd give the tier one Spartan 3 a look it's expensive but worth it

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    I have a Hausken which seems fairly light and good.


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    Lightest is best.
    All rifles I've owned or used with a heavy mods on have had an awful balance and feel to them.

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    I have had my dpt for a few months now and when its on the rifle you dont notice that its there. I have a T8 and to me they are too heavy and big. I am pleased with the dpt both in terms of noise suppression and feel.

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    Looks like the dpt is double the cost to change baffles/calibre compared to the evolution !

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    I looked at the dpt but went for the new atec hertz 119 , cracking mod on my 6.5x55

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