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Thread: Which scope, mounts and Mod

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    Which scope, mounts and Mod

    Looking to purchase a good .22lr maybe an Anschutz 1417 U2 G Deluxe and was wondering what scope, mounts and mod should I put on it? Not looking to spend an absolute fortune but something descent as this will be a keeper?

    Any thoughts welcome!



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    Sako .22LR second hand , hawke sport hd scope with adj obj secondhand , sports match mounts and SAK mod

    if your lucky £600 all in


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    after many scopes I have a Nikon 6.5-20x44 monarch ucc on my thumbhole 1417 in bkl one piece rimfire mounts with an aetec mod which suits the barrel profile perfectly, lovely glass , great mod and mounts and if lucky second hand all in £300, that's what I paid, gun not included at that price obviously
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