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Thread: Is there a best primer?

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    Is there a best primer?

    I use CCI small rifle primers for .222 and now .204,because they're readily available to me.
    Should I be trying out others,or with all the variables involved in reloading,is primer choice way down on the list?

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    I use cci small for my 6.5x47 and fed gold large for the 280 both go bang both are consistent with chrono info, i also use S&B for the range , I do tend to read the info as to what others have used , if its what I am trying to do ? i'll try them out should it work that's the one i'll use! the net is full of info that others have tried out and done before ? so its worth viewing then decide as its a choice only you can make in the end , I understand choice of what's out there to get is a big thing and why i'll always have a range of cci /small or mag and large in stock there good primers after all.
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    Suggest you get a pet load sorted and then see what happens if you change to another primer keeping everything else the same. CCI or PPU seem to be readily available, Remington 7.5 are also a good choice.


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    It's the one that works with any given load providing the most consistent POI result. Trial with your best current load switching primers to see the differences.

    You should not make these changes without backing off if your load is already max or close to max.
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    It truly depends on the rifle in question. I had a rem 700 bdl 2506, go from 2", to 3/4", just by changing primers. Ive settled on federal match primers for most of my reloading, ive found them most consistent in my rifles.

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    If CCI work then you might try the benchmark version which areade to higher tolerances and do prudence better results.


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    You just never know. My 300 blackout shoots patterns with CCI Small Rifle, better with Remington 7.5 benchrest primers, and better yet with CCI BR-4 bench rest primers. It ran full circle on me, maker-wise.

    Primers are one of the cheapest and easiest variables to change in the load chain and worth the experimentation.~Muir

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    My first 222 shot just sub-inch groups with 52 grain Hornady match bullets, Reloder 7 and CCI primers. Switching to Federal GM205M primers, with no other changes, shrank those groups to sub half inch. Through a succession of 222 rifles, I have been delighted with the Federals.

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    primers can and do make a huge difference to the load . both in terms of accuracy and in the case of the smaller cartriges pressure can also be effected. over the years we have tested hundreds of rifles and the difference when changing the primer when everything else is kept the same is noteworthy . velocity differences , E/S and S/D can and do change as well with varying the primer. yours respectfullyMike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    Thanks Mike.
    I'll try out the Federals when I can get hold of some,thanks Marv. Are there any other good quality primers that work well in the smaller calibres?

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