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Thread: this weeks new calibre

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    this weeks new calibre

    i was browsing an american forum when i came accross this article, it talks about .260 rem, 6.5 x 47 lapua and 6.5 creedmoor. These all look like great stalking calibres, firing 6.5 mm 140 gr bullets at 2900fps. i think they would be great a compromise between 6.5 swede and 6.5 x 284 norma. flatter shooting with less barrel burning than the 6.5.

    but a part of me says we have loads of calibres already. why not just choose a 270 win. (coming from a man with a .243 a 7mm08 and a .30-06 maybe thats a little rich).


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    I have a .260 rem and its a great round.
    I now use it more than my .308 as its a rem model 7 with mod so it is lighter than my .308 it has less recoil than a un-moded .243.
    My two stalking pals have .243/25.06/.270/6.5x55 between them and recommended the .260 as the best one caliber choice if i had bought it before the .308 i would not have bought an other deer rifle .

    The .260 rem is now gaining a good following . if you get the chance to shoot one try it !

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    i have a remmy model 7 and i think it is the dogs ********. If i was buying it again i would buy a synthetic one. the stock on mine is just so nice. mine is in 7mm08 and i would recomend that no hesitation.

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    Mines s/synthetic

    Every one go's for the 700 because not many shops have the 7 and they are like chalk and cheese.
    The 7 is so nice and light a true mountain rifle, not that there are many mountains in nottingham. And i would not want to walk up them if there were any.


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    Barrel burning in 6.5?

    Is this from your tracer round?

    Seriously, would you please expand on the comment?



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    barrel burning

    my belief is that 6.5 x 284 can be a bit of a barrell burner. However this is from hearsay only. Is this not the case?


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    the 6.5x 284 is used for F class etc so they tend to scrap barrels when they are not producing acceptable groups for their disipline, say one hole groups, where as in deer stalking this level of accuracy is not required so not really 900 rounds` for comp shooting say 12 months, ask yourself how many years will 900 rounds last you, this puts it in a totally diferent light, so if you want a 6.5 x 284 then buy one but remember you will be more than likely have to be hand loading( i know you can buy factory if you can find any)

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    All good shops can order .260 rem ammo in most importers have it .

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    Swampy, apologies - I've been travelling and forgot I'd asked the question about barrel erosion.
    Having done some research, I think that barrel burning in the 6.5 Swedish is something of a myth - given a level playing field.
    After all, it was the Swedish military round for many years, and there are many 1890s rifles out there still shooting well from the original tube.
    If, however, you take any calibre and stuff the case full of slow-burning powder, you are going to accelerate barrel erosion.
    I wonder if that's what happened?

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    barrel burning

    I meant in the 6.5 x 284 not the velnerable swede.

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