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Thread: which scope mounts?

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    which scope mounts?

    I have a BSA supersport five on the way soon(once my paperwork comes back), it has groovescut into the reciever with blocks mounted on it. I have a Busnell banner 3x9x40, with a 1" tube to fit on it. What medium? mounts would people suggest, bearing in mind the rifle did not cost a lot.

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    Mine has 11mm dovetails(grooves), same as BRNOs, I think.

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    thanks, I could not think of the word dovetails

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    SportsMatch products are excellent and good value. If you email them with details of your brand/model of rifle and scope they will promptly get back to you with a 'best fit' recommendation from their range of products.
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    Best check yourself as not all supersports came grooved. The late ones it seems did and they are wider that normal air gun grooves. have been looing at one that has a P-H peep sight fitted at the gun club and this one has the grooved top.

    Looking on guntrader there is a early one that has blocks fitted by drilling and tapping the action but they have mounted the front block ontot eh barrel. The action is not grooved.

    yet this one you can see the action top is grooved but not the width.

    So you will need to measure the width to be sure and make sure you get the magazine as they are difficult to find I was told.

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    thanks guys, mine has the blocks and a magazine. I had better get the RFD to measure the dovetails

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