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Thread: Barnes TTSX .30

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    Barnes TTSX .30

    Been using 168gr in my Tikka 590 .308. Changed to a T3 (same cal) and at 50thou off they are too long for the mag. Anybody else come across this ????.
    just measured old and new mag and the old one is 170 thou longer internal.
    Ideas anyone ?????
    Cheers Steve.

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    Barnes load these bullets in 308 in their VorTX range. - I have some (not shot any yet as I normally shoot 130 grainers) - I can measure the OAL of them If you like.
    Barnes always state to deep seat their bullets usually starting at 70 thou off the lands & then going deeper.
    Seating deeper will raise pressures so work up your load again.
    How much too long are your bullets when you are at the 50 thou length?


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    Hi Ian,
    they are about 1/8" too long.
    Would be interested to know OAL of your VorTex.

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    Steve the factory VOR-TX 168 grainers are 71.03mm COAL +/- a few thou.(about 2.797 in Imperial).
    The bullets are crimped above the first canelure (assuming there are some on these bullets)
    My TTSX 130 grain home loads are by pure coincidence the same length COAL.
    These I crimp on the land below the first canelure.
    I have no magazine length problems with these in my Sako 85.


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    Hi Ian,
    im coming in at 2.900 imp that's with 50 off. Found a couple of Factory Hornady Match 168gr and they are 2.740 and fit. Looks like I'm going to have to throw the book away build them to fit the mag and concentrate on load.
    Modern reloading give the c.o.a.l at 2.810
    Seems a bit crude but I can give it a try and see where they land.
    Cheers Steve.

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    Steve, depending how "hot" your loads currently are in your new rifle, simply seating the bullets a tenth of an inch deeper over the same powder charge could give you excessive pressures - it all depends how much pressure you currently get in the T3.
    Load safe!


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    Yes I was going to measure the depth of the powder and make sure I'm not compressing a load.

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