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Thread: Northern Ireland - free deer parts and hide available

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    Northern Ireland - free deer parts and hide available

    Big shout out to anyone in Northern Ireland bringing on a tracking dog.

    I have sika parts fresh from yesterday bagged and ready to go to anyone who needs them and is having a hard time sourcing parts.

    I won't be home til after 9pm tonight (Sunday 20th of March) but if you leave a text I will be able to respond once I get through the door (forgot my phone and out at the moment).

    I am based at Glenavy, Co. Antrim, which should be handy for anyone from Portrush to the border counties. Remember I can't respond to you until 9pm and these parts are for collection only.

    Cheers guys.

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    I wish, family are like a bunch of buzzards! Just got the deer out of the vehicle and oddly have a lot of volunteers to help do the butchering. Even the dog owners make sure the bones aren't wasted. If the public ever wanted to see proof that an entire carcass is used they should come to my house. I think I got left the neck for stock! lol.

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    Do you not get enough fillet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxyshane View Post
    Do you not get enough fillet?
    you can never have enough fillet

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