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Thread: Travel with firearms

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    Travel with firearms

    I am about to travel to New Zealand for a three week trip. The main focus being Sika on the North Island and Thar on the South.

    This is my first time flying with firearms and I was wondering if some of you could offer some advise. I have my permit for NZ and have told Qantas but they haven't given me any instructions other than I do not need to have approval to care firearms in a Qantas flight to NZ.

    Thanks in advance

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    I take it you haven't searched then?
    Quantas sound like a good airline, no extra fee for rifle bag.
    My advice.... get there really early and print off the info on the airlines website/emails etc
    Cheers and good luck with the hunt

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    Cheers Richard

    Yes I have this PDF.

    The focus of my query was more on making everything run smoothly based on peoples passed experience?

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    Tell them in advance, print ANY communication, and get there early, if things go pear shaped then at least you have time to sort it out.

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    When checking in, the first thing to say is "I am traveling with sporting firearms". Don't ever say guns!

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