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Thread: Vmax 110gr in 270

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    Vmax 110gr in 270

    Anyone used the Vmax BT 110gr bullets for reloading?? I already use and love the 87gr Vmax in 243 for reloading, but not got a clue with a "lighter" bullet in 270, I've only ever done 130gr SP...

    Thanks in advance chaps...

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    I tried them in my 270wsm, don't use them if you plan to pick up/eat what you shoot. I shot foxes with them and the easiest way to find them was look for the steam, they are savage. I wouldn't put them near deer, I use 130g sp at 3380fps the 110g were just short of 3600fps.
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    Used them in 308, as said above foxes decintigrated.

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    not Vmax but have 400 surplus 100gr speer soft points I have just worked up a load for

    will make short work of anything they hit given the speed I think they will be going!
    circa 3300-3350 fps at a guess

    not the most accurate but inside an inch and as they were free I don't mind so much

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    I used them on fallow / munty / red and roe, no problem, pump house, if head shooting you don,t need to carry antlers home, foxes they make a mess of, very accurate.

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    Thanks guys, they will be for fox, I like venison too much to waste what I shoot....and not intohead shooting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norrie1956 View Post
    Thanks guys, they will be for fox, I like venison too much to waste what I shoot....and not intohead shooting...
    Fast. Very fast. They were at least 6" (forget exactly) higher at 100yrds than the 130g.

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    The 110 vmax in factory Norma I found to be excellent killers of deer but could at times be a little harsh with shoulder damage on roe. However when I reloaded my own 110 vmax I didn't push them as fast and found less damage but still maintained the excellent killing ability.
    I currently load 110 Sierra soft points because I got a few boxes cheaper than the vmax.
    If you want the vmax for foxes then push them fast, if you want excellent deer killers back them off a bit. I always load for the most accurate load anyway regardless of velocity, and 9 times out of ten that entails not having the load as fast as it can be.

    For the record..... I found the hornady 87 vmax factory rounds to be the best roe deer round I could find.... and I tried a he'll of a lot including home loading.
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    ive used home loaded 110gr vmax in my 270 for years, as monarman says accurate devistating on foxes and a little messy on deer but good for reds if you push them a little slower. I have matched norma vmax speeds but tailored them to my rifle making them more accurate than me, this means I can go and buy factory ammo when needs be and not have to use more than 2 to check zero, also means I can fireform brass easily.

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