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Thread: Ruger M77 MkII VT 22-250

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    Ruger M77 MkII VT 22-250

    Simply superb rifle - just a tad too heavy for long walks on some new permissions so buying an LVSF.

    Stainless heavy barrel, threaded 5/8" unvf (24tpi) and laminate stock. Two stage fully adjustable trigger (to 18oz) and three stage safety.

    Overall the gun is 9.5/10 condition, recently recrowned (when rethreaded from 1/2") and bore scoped by gunsmith and declared to be in "very good condition".

    The gun is always cleaned after every outing - whether one shot or five have been taken - and stored, moderator off, muzzle down. Cleaning is always full rodding with patches (not just bore snaked) and before putting it away I put one last patch through with gun oil - which I then bore snake clean before going out.

    One holes home loads at 100 yards and sub 1" at 200.

    Comes with two sets of Ruger stainless rings (1" and 30mm), 50 fire formed Remington cases, full info on developed loads and a .pdf manual.

    For more info on the VT see or Google M77 MKII VT for Gun Mart and Chuck Hawkes opinions.

    Favoured in the US as a competition target rifle - picture of typical 100 yard groups below - it is a better rifle than I am a shot.

    Scope & sling not included.

    475 F2F

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    North Bedfordshire

    (PS - good point. Sorry.)
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    And with factory loads -

    - Norma 50Gr V-Max

    100 yards off bipod from bonnet of car.

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