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Thread: A new member from south wales.

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    A new member from south wales.

    Hi all,

    just wanted to say firstly what an excellent forum this is.

    My name is Jake, and im from south wales, monmouthshire.
    I am a Gamekeeper, and have a passion for rifle shooting.

    I have got a nice bit of ground to shoot over,but are not over run with deer!.
    Most of my rifle work is fox control mind, and we shoot a large amount on the estate and surrounding areas each year.
    I shoot with .22's,.17mr,.222,.220 swift,.243 and am thinking of putting on a boar rifle, but need some ground!

    I was hoping to find someone local to me( monmouth/forest of dean/ross on wye) to help me out with a bit of land for deer/boar,or a lamping partner on the foxes, was let down last year with some, so if anyone thinks they could help, please let me know. Im not expecting something for nothing!

    Anyway, just thought i'd fill you in, look forward to talking more with you on the forum.

    All the best Jake.

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    Hi Jake,

    Suprised you have had no responses to date, the welsh boys on here are usually a pretty sociable bunch.

    Im on a phesant shoot in Abergavenny, like you no deer but a few foxes to keep the zero in check.

    Any cubs showing yet?


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    Hi there. I think I know someone who shoots boar not to far from you. I'm in the Forest and there are pleanty of boar but all on forestry land and tied up. I'll pm you details if he's still doing it.

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    @ WELSH GUY, cheers, appreciate that. Let me know if you can sort something.

    Cheers lads.

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    Hi RETICO80, have you had any luck getting any wild boar shooting. In my experience I gave found Wales to be a difficult place to get shooting from rough shooting to boar hunting!

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