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Thread: Stalking on TV

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    Stalking on TV

    "This Farming Life" on BBC2 now showing farmers in Scotland. There's just been a surprisingly unbiased little section on a hill farmer taking out stalking clients.
    The rest of the show is interesting too.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll just have to watch on catchup after my current wife has finished with Corrie ��

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    Best show on TV, beats all the other crap my misus watches!

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    plain and simple, no frills and matter-of-fact explanation of why they do it and what they get from it. A brilliant piece of TV for a change.

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    Not sure about his mate checking the clients zero , I'm sure he was in a safe vantage point but the way the clip was edited it didn't look very professional .
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    Nice bit of TV for a change. Just so long as they ain't shooting deer out of my wood.

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    The sheep judge gets given a cheapo bottle of whisky ! No single malt there?

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    Thanks for the heads up, really enjoyed this

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    Where do do I find this on catch up tv?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tusker View Post
    Where do do I find this on catch up tv?
    OK found it.

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