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Thread: do the police care about poaching

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    do the police care about poaching

    had a phone call a couple of days ago from a keeper friend and basicaly long story short he caught a group of poachers in the act lamping deer with dogs right infront of him they havnt seen him so he phones the police giving his location they say theyve sent somone but no one turns up and he gets spotted they flee and he gives chase, so he re-phones the police giving them the full reg and discription of the car ( x reg red and silver vitara if anyones interested) they tell him to stop chasing they have the reg and its come back to a 4x4 but thats all they can say and the police are on there way which he does. The police (wiltshire) never caught the car as, as far as he knows no-one ever bothered turning up and the reg was not linked to the car like he was told, this isnt the first or even the second time he has had this where as he has caught poachers in the act and wiltshire police have not bothered turning up, and i literally mean have not bothered turning up with one time even with him runing at a police car driving down the road waving his arms with the copper seeing him they still drove on by and this is after he had put the call in saying he had them there in the act. So basicaly what is he or anyone supposed to do hes told the police next time he will take matters into his own hands and you can guess the response he got and i'm sure hes also tryed talking to the rural crime officer which went no-where

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    I wonder if saying that he believed one of them might be armed (Easy to mistake a stick for a rifle in the dark) would have made a difference?

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    +1 tell the police they are armed and have just threatened you. Your not going to get told off for wasting police time if they are poaching!

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    Whenever I have called out Hampshire, they have always sent a couple of cars that have turned up within about 10 minutes.

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    i have said to him just say they have a gun but then you will have to wait for armed response which could take even longer prehaps he would be better phoning hampshire police there only nextdoor

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    I called wilts police a couple of times last year after disturbing some nice chaps with a subaru exercising their dogs on our neighbours fields... On both occasions the police told me that the vehicle was well known to them, they sent a pcso out to have a look half an hour later...

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    Police Scotland prosecuted a poacher who was sent down for three years - mostly on Firearms offences.

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    I am on the border with Hampshire and spoke to the rural police lot from there who seem keen to help with the local pikeys, offering to sit out with me if I think they are coming on the ground (the idiots post on facebook when they are going out with the lamp!). They told me in so many words Wilts have no interest in rural/wildlife crime and have no resources for it so forget it.
    Your best chance is go down the 'they've got a gun route ' IMO.

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    In any rural spot, If you went into your local nick and asked how many bobbys were covering your area on any given night I suspect that you'd be shocked at how thinly stretched they are, at no fault of their own. The bobbys I know certainly do care about the crime that going on around their patches but simply put, they just can't be in two places at once. I wouldn't blame the police, My blame would be directed at the tools wielding the ridiculous cuts.

    i also personally think that the using the "they've got a gun" ploy just to get your own personal ARV unit out to deal with poachers is a waste of already thinly stretched resources and unfair on the officers themselves. I don't think for one minute that the current situation is acceptable but the problem definately is not at the coal face.

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    I heard in Cheshire, apart from the clockwork budgie team & the on ready ARV unit, there are only TWO cars within 25 miles of our house.
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