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Thread: Advice req'd on .22 Moderator

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    Advice req'd on .22 Moderator

    I have recently purchased a .22lr rifle with a moderator (and scope) from a local RFD.

    I went to zero on Sunday morning, started off to zero with the mod on - this resulted in rather erratic and confusing shot placement, it looked like the rounds (Using CCI sub sonic Hollow points) were as far as I can guess were tumbling and hitting my target area side on leaving a slot rather than a hole.

    After a bit of confusion (not done too much zeroing myself) I removed the mod and zero'd with the bare rifle, this gave me nice round holes with good grouping. Refitted the mod to try and confirm my suspicions which were confirmed by erratic grouping and slot holes again.

    The rifle is a Ruger 10/22 Carbine (wood stock) with fold down iron sights, moderator is an A Tec Wave and scope Hawke Vantage 4x42 (iirc).

    I suspect that the moderator is not sitting concentric on the barrel possibly due to it catching on the very end of the iron sight, damage to the moderator or damage to the threading on the barrel.

    My thoughts are to find a friend with a .22 that is has the same thread as my mod to try the moderator on to try and rule the threading on the rifle out. As with it potentially catching on the iron sight or the threading on the barrel it is possible that just by replacing the mod with a new one I will still have the same issues.

    Is this the best route to go or what are peoples suggestions?

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    if it was me I would swap the mod with sombody elses, that way you check your thread is correct and the mod is ok

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    also is it one with seperate baffles and spring if so put a rod through to line them up before screwing up tight,i think parkerhale type,PS just checked the wave and it cant be stripped so it looks like its clipping somewhere check the threads on rifle and in the mod is it sloppy? look through see if it lines up put a rod through etc ,i had a stainless pes once that was a nightmare and that turned out to be a thread coming away and trapping up,is there anything floating around inside,
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    What mod is it ?

    Has as it been taken apart ? And not put together properly..

    i would rule rule that out 1st .... Then get the thread checked ..

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    From my understanding the mod is not possible to be stripped as au du ru has said. (Mod is an A Tec Wave as in first post).

    The threads on the barrel look clean and good. When fitting the mod I would describe it as sloppy threading on. I will compare it to the ones on the air rifle and center fire that I have when I get 10 minutes.

    From my understanding of calibres a .22 air rifle moderator is the same size as a .22lr and, if the thread is the same, are interchangeable (at least theoretically)?

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    Don't bugger about wasting your time with it take it back to the rfd who sold you it and in a calm polite manner explain the issues and your findings and request they sort it out as it's not fit for purpose
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    I would expect the air rifle moderators to be the same thread as the .22LR (1/2 inch X 20 UNF) which would make them interchangable. The only thing to be careful of is to make sure that that the air rifle moderator is capable of handling the .22LR. Some .22 air rifle moderators are made of plastic, I personally would not trust a plastic moderator on a .22LR, especially if the bullet is clipping the moderator due to the thread not being concentric with the barrel!
    I would have suggested looking carefully at the crown on your .22LR but you have already said that it shoots and groups well without the moderator so you can rule that out. As has been said try to find a friend who has a .22LR moderator and try it on your rifle.
    If I read it correctly you mentioned in your first post that that the moderator might be catching on the iron sights - It the iron sights protrude beyond where the moderator should fit flush to the barrel then this would mean that the iron sights are not allowing the moderator to sit square on the barrel and would quite possibly cause clipping as the bullet exits from the moderator as the moderator would be slightly out of line with the barrel - More so if as you say the threads are "sloppy"!
    The only other likely explanation is that the threading on the barrel has not been done correctly, i.e. The threading has been done in accordance with the outside of the barrel rather than to the bore of the barrel (On some rifles the bore is not always central to the diameter of the barrel (if that makes sense) If this is the case then it will need to be checked and corrected by someone who specialises in threading rifle barrels!

    Edit: As Jimmy has just said while I was typing my post take it back to the RFD and explain the problem to him and ask him to sort it out!
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    I had the exact same problem with the 10/22 and a sak mod, the mod wasn't sitting quite flush due to the front sight and as you say grouping was all over the place. The RFD who I purchased the set up from removed the sight and the problem was solved!

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    Take it back to the RFD you bought it from. If you continue to shoot it you could cause damage and it could also become dangerous.
    If that were the case would your RFD want to get further involved ?

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    Try a different subsonic ammunition.

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