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Thread: Pig farm ratting

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    Pig farm ratting

    I finally got round to editing some footage I had from a while ago, I still have more to edit too so 13 shouldn't be too far away.

    If you like, please subscribe and watch my other vids.


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    Fun, fun, fun. Who would have thunk it, shooting rats at night with an air rifle and night vision scope. Very creative. Get the ones that the terriers missed.

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    That looks awesome fun and VERY effective. It almost seems surreal though like a video game?
    What equipment are you using?

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    Enjoyed watching that.

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    Some of my first shooting was around pig sties with an HW35E. Great fun! definitely whets the appetite and brings back memories!

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    I used to do a lot of this.....100plus rats a night was not uncommon for several weeks until i got them in check. Not done it for a couple of years now mind you

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    Not to hijack the thread but got me thinking back (and looking back) to the pig farm ratting nights......filmed this group of fox cubs in the barn one evening

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    Ratting is my new favorite sport. very addictive. Shot 1400 odd in 15 outings. Never a dull moment, constant shooting. I go ratting with over 20x 10 shot mags filled and ready to go.

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