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Thread: McMillan A3-5 stock for tikka T3

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    McMillan A3-5 stock for tikka T3

    Long shot I know but I'm after a McMillan A3-5 adjustable cheek piece rifle stock to fit a Tikka T3 action, if anyone has one for sale or can help in getting me one then great.



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    Hi Micky

    i bought one last year from Jackson rifles but you have to order them through your RFD as he doesnt deal directly with the public. They're fairly pricey at 70 + and they don't come with pillars installed. It may be worth having a look at the Manners stocks that rimfire magic/south Yorkshire shooting supplies have in stock (manners T4-A) Rimfiremagic, suppliers of trigger kits, guns and ammunition. which are coming in at 600 and i believe already have pillars installed.

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    As much as i love my Mcmillan by the time it is bedded and pillars installed it cost more than the rifle.



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    Cheers Dave

    Spoke to rimfire magic and they don't have any manners in and they can't see them getting them in any time soon for some reason, have an idea what i want now and its not macmillan .


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    Micky have you thought about the grs berserk stock for your t3

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    Try March Scopes, they are now he importers for Manners I believe. I've not dealt with them so can't give any feedback. I have a couple of Manners stocks and they're spot on, highly recommended.

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    Manners are very hard to get... I was talking to March Scopes over the last month about the T5-A Elite and the EH5-A for a 308 build I am doing but availability is seriously scarce for Manners, and March Scopes told me they are hard to get too. I was told I could be waiting up to 9 months for a Manners.

    Also look at the PSE Composites ETAC-3, it's a fine stock.

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    Cheers guys for the advice ref the new GRS Berserk stock jason I'm waiting on a chap who may be selling his new one,

    Ref March scopes and manners will fire them a email but i think i will eventually buy one of the PSE composites as mentioned above which i believe are just as good as all the others out there.


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